The global food and beverages market size is $ 8 trillio n and is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 3,1% (2021-2025). Numerous megatrends are changing the context and structure of the food industry. The rapidly growing DEMAND for NEW SOLUTIONS creates a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR VALUE CREATION.

We are determined to help advanced startup companies capture significant growth. Beside capital we will provide access to critical capabilities, experience and networks that are fundamental for the successful company development. Our Investment Angle: Focus on scalable models with strong economics in four areas

Alternative Protein

  • Plant-based Meat, Fish and Dairy Alternatives
  • Fermentation, Mushrooms (Mycelium) and Algae
  • Perecision Fermentation
  • Cell-based Meat, Fish and Dairy Alternatives

Clean Nutrition

  • Drink and Beverage Alternatives
    (e.g. Botanicals)
  • Free From Products
    (No Sugar, No Fat and no additives)
  • Sustainable added value
    (e.g. Good for you, for the environment and society)

Functional Food

  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Healthy & Convenient Food
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • New Ingredients
  • Affordable Healthy Food

Food Waste

  • “Consume” instead of waste
  • Temperature and quality control
  • Side-stream and press-cake products
  • Analysis Tools

Our angle:

  • We are looking for companies that bring about significant changes in the areas of food supply, food demand, food production and protein diversification in our four target fields.
  • We focus on technological solutions, innovative products and exceptional brands with high customer acceptance.
  • We invest in Series A, A+ and B-rounds to help startups scale successfully.
  • Our primary geographic focus is on Europe but we will also invest in other regions.