Ahead of us lies a huge transformation in human nutrition . The food industry will need to lean towards products & solutions, that enable the consumer to eat healthy, clean and sustainable , help consumers upgrade their daily nutrition for a better quality of life, and take care about resources in a responsible manner to make the world a better place. We are determined to help advanced companies in the consumer products space to capture superior growth.  CAPITAL, EXPERTISE and ACCESS will serve as a catalyst for VALUE CREATION

  • Deep understanding of the food industry
  • Access to a broad network of experts
  • Farm to Fork Perspective
  • Many years of experience
  • Many years of experience in promoting and supporting startups
  • Strong track record in growth support
  • Profound knowledge of the essential success factors and the mistakes to be avoided
  • Strong investment track record of all GPs
  • Sound value creation skills
  • Extensive experience from countless and quite complex transactions
  • Close proximity to innovators and startups
  • Active member of the Food Tech community
  • Involved in the creation of various platforms, thinktanks, and associations

The food of the future should make a bright future possible!