The current Food System is in many parts not sustainable and is facing significant challenges.

The Food System as is today with its strong focus on meat is responsible over 33% 1) of world wide greenhouse gases .

Meat production is No 1 reason for deforestation 2) and livestock is one of the largest consumers of fresh water resources 3)

The increase in world population to 10bn+ in 2050 and the increase in living standards and life expectancy will lead to a duplication in protein demand 5)

Lifestyle diseases 4) like diabetes and heart disease are strongly linked to high calory mass food production

Already today two billion people cannot afford healthy diets . Furthermore, the demand for proteins is  doubling until 2050.
There is a rapidly
growing demand for new concepts and solutions that enable healthier nutrition and a more responsible treatment of natural resources.
We need to
rethink the food value chain with a view to sustainability, health, safety and animal well-being.

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