Claudia Kumagai

With over a decade of experience, Claudia has established herself as a proficient Financial Controller known for skilfully navigating and optimizing financial landscapes across diverse sectors. Her career journey has been characterized by a series of roles and contributions, driven by an unwavering commitment to efficiency.

Originally from Brazil, Claudia spent her childhood in Portugal and takes pride in her Japanese heritage. This multicultural background seamlessly integrates into her professional journey.

Beginning her career as a Credit Controller, Claudia steadily climbed the corporate ladder to become a seasoned Group Financial Controller. Her professional ventures have taken her to various international settings, including Germany, Kenya, Estonia, and Brazil. In her role as a Finance Manager, she oversaw global financial processes and played a crucial part in an almost AIM-listed IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

Claudia now looks forward to applying her financial acumen at Zintinus, where she aims to contribute to the fund’s mission of driving positive social and environmental change within the Food Tech sector. This alignment reflects her dedication to having a meaningful impact in this World.